Windows Vista™ Driver Bulletin

The release of Windows Vista™ has caused some of the drivers supplied with the USB to Serial adapters to be incompatible with the new operating system. Vista™ does not recognize the XP™ supplied drivers as valid and will not allow the adapter software to be installed on new operating system. Unless the correct driver version is installed the computer will not be able to talk to the adapter. This problem affects only computers that run Windows Vista™ operating system. There are no known compatibility issues with the Controller Pro software running under Windows Vista™.
D&D Programming Kit - USB Adapter Note
D&D Motor Systems sells a programming kit which includes a Sabrent 6ft. USB to Serial Adapter (pictured left). This adapter can also be purchased at Currently there is not a specific driver for use with the Windows Vista™ operating system. The Windows XP™ x64-bit Edition driver will work for most computers running Windows Vista™. You can download the current driver at: