What is the Max Current Draw range and how is it calculated?

In an electric golf car, the source of energy obviously comes from the battery pack. The amount of current drawn from that battery pack will determine the range of the golf car. However, of more importance is the safety of every end customer. If you have a golf car that is all souped-up and in a tough application, then the current draw will be quite high and a weak link in the golf cart could fail and cause grave bodily harm. The weak link could be the motor, controller, differential, wire, solenoid, F&R, brakes, or otherwise.

Therefore, D&D Motor Systems determines a customer’s Max Current Draw range by asking the customers several key questions. Some of these questions include: Model, type, voltage & year of the cart? Is the cart Series or Regen? Is the cart lifted with big tires? Does the cart have a backseat or bed? Is the environment flat, rolling, or hilly? What speed is required on flat ground? What current motor and controller is being used? If anyone is unsure of the answer to any of these questions, they can go to the website where they are provided with a step-by-step guide for determining the correct answer.

Based on the answers to the above questions, a basic Max Current Draw range can be determined. D&D Motor Systems have become experts in ensuring the right motor and/or controller is sold for the customer’s application and performance specifications based on that Max Current Draw range calculation. When a customer cannot answer some of those basic questions, the responsibility shifts to the customer or the motor may not be sold. If sold, no warranty will be provided.