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Golf Cart Speed Controller Product Line
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(How can I tell if I have a Series or Regen Golf Cart?)
Series Controllers
Plug Braking Controllers are available, call for price.
Non-Programmable options are available, please call.

Note: Increasing to a higher amperage Series controller, will NOT provide anymore Speed.
(How can I tell if I have a Series or Regen Golf Cart?)
Regen Controllers
Non-Programmable options are available for some
EZ-GO DCS & PDS Models, please call 315-701-0635
Grave bodily injury & death can occur if motors and/or controllers are utilized in applications that have not been approved by D&D Motor Systems. To confirm your motor and/or controller is being used in approved applications, please click here or call D&D Motor Systems at (315) 701-0635. Motors and/or controllers are NOT warranteed in non-approved applications. See Warranty Info.
Programmable Controller Features
Each Controller is completely epoxy potted, which eliminates all controller failures due to vibration and water corrosion.
These controllers produce up to 60% less heat than many competing controllers.
Programmable. After plugging the controller into your computer (loaded with Windows) with a standard serial cable, you can set various performance characteristics.
All 300 & 400 Amp EZ-GO controllers fit under the EZ-GO lid!!!
Full Two (2) Year Warranty
D&D Motor Systems, Inc.Phone: 315-701-0635
215 Park Ave. Syracuse, NY 13204Fax: 315-701-0859