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Warranty Policy
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D&D Motor Systems, Inc. warrants each of its motors and controllers to be free of defects related to workmanship or material. Motors are warranted for a period of one-year and controllers are warranted for a period of two-years, both from their respective D&D Motor System ship dates.

 This is providing that the following has occurred: 

A •  The motor and/or controller has received normal use and service. Stalled motor conditions, which are illustrated by the condition of lifted commutator bars, are not warranted. Nor are any broken terminal bolt connections. (Often can occur if over-torqued!)

B •  The motor and/or controller has not been taken apart, repaired or altered for the application without the prior consent of D&D Motor Systems Inc.

C •  Each motor and/or controller returned must be accompanied with a description of the problem, the part number and the serial number.

D •  The application of the motor and/or controller has been approved by D&D Motor Systems, Inc.

E •  The motor and/or controller has been installed properly and the vehicle has not gotten into an accident or has been misused.

It is the responsibility of D&D Motor Systems, Inc. to validate the ship date of the motor and/or controller.

Component parts that are subject to normal wear are not covered by this policy. (ie: brushes, bearings, and seals)

This warranty does not cover any damage to the vehicle, any compensation for loss of time or inconvenience and does not provide for any liability for incidental or consequential damage arising from the use of the product by the buyer, its assignees, customers, agents or employees.

 D&D Motor Systems, Inc. will provide warranty disposition by: 

A •  Evaluation of the motor and/or controller after it has been returned to D&D Motor Systems. Return freight is not covered by D&D Motor Systems.


B •  Mutual evaluation of the motor and/or controller at the customer's facility.

D&D Motor Systems will reserve the right to choose which of the above methods to be utilized. The routing of such material shall be at the discretion of D&D Motor Systems, Inc.

Prior to any part being return shipped to D&D Motor Systems, a Return Authorization Number (RA#) must be issued and affixed to the outside of the package on at least 2 sides. If no RA# is on the outside of the box, the motor and/or controller will be placed in our "graveyard" area. Any returned product still in the graveyard area after 6 months will automatically become the property of D&D Motor Systems.

As long as all the necessary documentation has been submitted and D&D Motor Systems accepts the warranty claim, D&D Motor Systems will issue a credit for the failed motor and/or controller. Customers ARE NOT allowed to take any credits unless & until formal acceptance and communication has been made by D&D Motor Systems. The customer must reference our Credit # when applying the credit!

Michael Dieroff, President
D&D Motor Systems, Inc.

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