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D&D Controller Programming Information

The Programmable D&D Electric Motor Controllers include an RS232 communications port. This port can be used to adjust user settings such as throttle type, power settings, and speed settings. It can also be used to monitor operation of the controller real time.

The program runs on Microsoft Windows based machines, laptops or desktops using simple user friendly controls. D&D provides this software down-loadable free of charge (cables not included).
Programming Kit - click to Enlarge
(Controller NOT Included)
A kit (pictured on right) can be purchased from D&D which includes:
Communications cable - RS232 to USB adapter
CD-R with Controller PRO operators manual, tech-notes, and the Controller PRO software program
Wall wart (120 VAC 60Hz transformer) supplies 15-20 VoltsDC to power the logic for programming. (International 220VAC 50Hz input to 15-20 VoltsDC transformers also available)
Instruction Manual & Technical notes (Available for download below)
Free technical support
Software Installation Guide  - Instructions for installing the Controller Pro Software
Controller Pro Software  - Controller Programming Software (Free)
Bench-top Programming Guide  - Instructions to Power the Controller for Bench-top
Series Controller Manual  - Includes instructions for Series Controller Set-up
Regen Controller Manual  - Includes instructions for Regen Controller Set-up
System Requirements & Communication Specifications
Communication Standard RS232 at 9600 BAUD (8data, 1-stop, no parity)
Compatibility MS Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP-HOME, XP-Pro, Vista (See bulletin)
Controller Power Required 15VDC min, 18VDC recommended - or Battery Pack voltage
Computer Standard IBM style with 232 communications port
Protocol Controller table ACSCII response - proprietary communications (Controller Pro must be used)
Capabilities Read Memory, Upgrade Software, Change user settings
Controller Pro Software - 3 Tabs (Screens)
The Controller Pro software is broken into three tabs, Control / Throttle / Monitor. The controller must powered up before the screens will supply data. For more details on supplying power - see the [Bench-top Programming Guide] link shown above.
Control Screen Throttle Screen Monitor Screen
Click on Images to Enlarge
Controller Pro Features
The D&D Series & Regen Programmable controllers, are user programmable controllers with the RS232 port available to the user.
The Series-NP and Regen-NP (NP: Non-Programmable), are cost effective Stock Replacement controllers that are factory programmed only. However, they include many of the same features listed below (just not accessible in the field).
HPD (ON-OFF) High Pedal Disable Programmable Models Only - Prevent motor controller from providing power if throttle is applied prior to Key Switch Turned on
PLUG BRAKE (ON-OFF) Series "P" models ONLY with A2 terminal lug. Provides Plug Braking proportional to throttle position reaching full "Plugging" (Dynamic Motor Braking) when throttle below 25%.
TURBO (ON-OFF) Provides higher seed when not in current limit and throttle is at 100%
1/2 SPEED REVERSE Programmable Models Only - Limits vehicle speed in reverse based on 50% of forward "Top Speed" setting.
MAX OUTPUT CURRENT (0-100%) 0-100% adjustment limits max current supplied to motor. Used to limit power. (The 400A controller set to 50%=200Amp max)
UNDER VOLTAGE Sets the under voltage where the unit limits power and eventually shuts off. Prevents battery damage
OVER VOLTAGE Sets the over voltage shutoff for the controller during excessive regen or overcharging to prevent damage
THROTTLE UP RATE (1-15, Default 4) Determines the rate of controller output power based on an INCREASE in throttle input. Setting 1=slow, 15=Fast.
THROTTLE DOWN RATE (1-15 Default 4) Determines the rate of controller output power based on an DECREASE in throttle input. Setting 1=slow, 15=Fast
BRAKE CURRENT (0-100%) Series "P" Models - Adjusts the amount of Plug Brake Current as a percentage of 100A of brake current
Regen Models - Regeneration Feature is a percentage of possible current available
TOP SPEED Sets the top speed as a percentage of top-speed
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