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US electric ATV maker hopes to tap farmers market
  By: Otago Daily Times
Filed Under: ATV | Utility Vehicle | Hunting Buggy -

The rear electric atv motor is visible mounted on the rear axle of the Barefoot Motors electric ATV prototypeElectric all-terrain vehicles may not impress the dune-and trail-riding crowd that rides for recreation, but a few small companies expect organic farmers and vineyard growers will pay a premium to gather cattle and spray vines without the carbon footprint of a gas vehicle.

While automakers are toiling to produce electric cars that will fit the demands of American drivers, Ashland-based Barefoot Motors is on the verge of turning out heavy-duty electric ATVs that can go 50 miles on a charge costing about 90 cents.

"I think a lot of attention is focused on the more glamorous vehicles - the cars," said chief executive Max Scheder-Bieschin.

"But there are lots of other applications where the strength of the electric ATV motors technology can be focused."

Debby Zygielbaum, vineyard manager at organic Robert Sinskey Vineyards in Napa, California, test-drove an early electric ATV  Barefoot prototype last year and is eager to be an early adopter when production starts in June. She'd like to haul her spraying equipment without fogging the vines with exhaust fumes, and the electric ATV motors could get free power from the vineyard's solar panels.

"It's becoming feasible where the electric ATV will actually become a working vehicle to use in the field," she said.

The Barefoot electric ATVs $12,000 (NZ$22,000) price is 50% higher than a heavy-duty gas-powered ATV. But with gas around $2 a gallon and electricity averaging 11.35 cents a kilowatt-hour nationally, the cost evens out over seven years if a farmer drives 5,000 miles a year. It's even more cost-efficient for farms producing their own power from solar panels or manure digesters, and as gas prices go up.

Barefoot is not the first electric ATV coming to market. Bad Boy Buggies in Natchez, Mississippi, has vehicles intended for hunters. Doran Electric Vehicles in Huntington Beach, California, has been selling the Gorilla for years. Zap Electric Vehicles in Santa Rosa, California - where Scheder-Bieschin formerly worked - has a model called the Dude coming out soon.

The high price of Barefoot's model comes from the lithium iron phosphate batteries, the same technology General Motors is putting in the Chevrolet Volt electric car. To keep the price of the Dude around $5,000, Zap had to use lead-acid batteries, which charge slower and have less power. "I think with electric vehicles, it's going to be hard, unless you use very expensive and exotic battery technology, to match the performance and price of gasoline vehicles," said Zap spokesman Alex Campbell.

"Our goal was to simply make an affordable and powerful electric ATV that can satisfy the majority of the needs for ATV owners."

Rick Doran, president of Doran Electric Vehicles, is also skeptical that electric ATVs will replace gas-powered machines. He said his company has sold only a couple hundred at prices around $8,000. Some have gone to underground mining operations and electric utilities where the lack of exhaust and short turning radius are a plus. "Personally, I don't think it's practical yet," he said of the technology.

But Scheder-Bieschin said customers don't have to compromise on performance, as long as their needs fit the vehicle. Farms smaller than 1,000 acres are perfect for using electric ATV motors. The vehicle can work the morning, get recharged at lunch, and go back out in the afternoon, all while staying close to their power source. "Our goal is not necessarily to replace all the million ATVs sold every year," he said.

"There is room for a different electric atv motor  technology. There may be people who love their noise, who love their Harleys. But a guy going up and down the rows of a vineyard doesn't like the noise, doesn't like the fumes. If we can get 10,000 of those guys every year we'll be happy." Albert Straus, president of Straus Family Creamery in Marshall, California, is so into sustainability that his milk is sold in glass bottles, he uses methane gas from his cows to produce electricity and hot water, and he drives an electric Toyota RAV4 EV.

"My goal has been to get away from fossil fuels as much as possible," he said. But he finds it hard to justify the expense of buying an electric ATV for gathering cows and fixing fences until there are tax incentives. "I think if we can get the government and society backing this type of technology, it is going to make things happen a lot faster," he said. Barefoot's majority owner, Mary Jo Gresens, said the company plans to start slowly, producing 120 vehicles in the first year and growing with the awareness of global warming. (electric ATV motors)

"Up until now, the ATV market has concentrated on fun, sport kinds of things," said Gresens, a Detroit native who has worked in the automotive industry in the United States and Europe.

"We're not that vehicle."

Barefoot's first electric ATV prototype was a stock utility ATV retrofitted with golf cart batteries and a D&D Motor Systems DC motor. But engineers Dave Mounce and Eli Schless have put the production model together from the ground up, taking care to reduce drag from things like brakes and improve efficiency from the drivetrain and steering, which translates into greater range. The D&D Motor Systems electric ATV motor was design to maximize power and efficiency while keeping the costs as low as possible. The electric ATV motors are very high quality and completely built in the US!!

"We're talking about a Yugo versus a Ferrari as far as the level of technological difference," Mounce said.

Components will be outsourced - batteries from China, most of the rest from the US - and assembled in Ashland. Barefoot expects to expand its staff from five people to as many as 15 when production gets going.

The company started in Santa Rosa, California, in 2007, and moved to Oregon to be closer to the growing organic farming and vineyard market and take advantage of Gov. Ted Kulongoski's efforts to promote green energy. Current tax credits for electric vehicles apply only to on-road vehicles, but the budget pending in the Legislature would go even further to promote renewable sources of electricity, particularly solar, said Jillian Schoene, a spokeswoman for the governor.

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Hunt VE Continues Technological Market Supremacy
  By: MSD
Filed Under: ATV | Utility Vehicle | Hunting Buggy -

The most serious electric 4x4 UTV/Hunting Buggy available, the HuntVe 4x4 lineup is unmatched in power, handling and standard options. The driving experience is unrivalled while able to haul four people with plenty of room for cargo. It is much more technologically advanced than the Stealth 4x4, both the Stealth Nighthawk and Stealth Apache models. (electric ATV motors)

Whether you are driving any of our showcased models, the Game Changer™, Dream Season®, Mossy Oaks BioLogic Game Keeper® or “The Original”, its dual electric motors (38 HP combined) does not compromise power and allows you to traverse quietly without sound or smell. Since there are no more electric ATV motor vehicle around, the HUNT VE 4x4 is what you need.

American made and the “Official Electric stealth 4x4 UTV of The Lone Star State”, you are assured of unmatched quality and workmanship. The HuntVe’s “Best in Class” ability to handle any type of terrain and conditions makes it a cleaver substitute for a gas powered vehicle. The increased ground clearance and independent coil over front suspension offers superior performance in and around all types of terrain. The HuntVe 4x4 standard equipped 4 wheel braking and programmable motor braking will enable you to travel down the hills just as easily as you traveled up them. With the outstanding handling characteristics of the self adjusting rack and pinion steering combined with unprecedented turning radius you can easily maneuver around in the smallest areas. Not only will you experience more game but with the patented comfort ride system you will also enjoy your hunting experience roaming quietly in and around your property. The HuntVe’s reduced weight contributes to outstanding range of up to 25+ miles and the exclusive computer controlled Rapid Charge system allows you to recharge your premium batteries anytime without concern of over charging and damaging them. With just a little routine maintenance your HuntVe will be worry free for years to come.

For less demanding environments the HuntVe 4x2 and HuntVe 4x2 Sport offer the power of a 20 HP motor with a 600 amp electronic controller and locking rear differential. These models are agile and strong with a utilitarian purpose.

Once again, Stealth 4x4 is out of business and the Hunt VE is much more technologically advanced than the Stealth 4x4, both the Stealth Nighthawk and Stealth Apache models, then the HUNT VE is the only answer to the avid hunter. If you want a hunting buggy with stealth 4x4 abilities then look to HUNT VE.

Charge into the Outdoors! (Hunting Buggy / Stealth 4x4)

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Stealth Manufacturing - OUT OF BUSINESS
  By: D&D Motor Systems & Internet Forum
Filed Under: ATV | Utility Vehicle | Hunting Buggy -

STEALTH MANUFACTURING - End of the Road Confirmed!!

March 15, 2013

According to Dealer News ( Stealth Manufacturing, who build many different stealth electric vehicles over the last 6 years, too include stealth nighthawk and stealth apache, is finished.  In an article published on March 12, reporter Holly Wagner reports that Stealth Electric CEO Greg Block had confirmed that the company has gone out of business.

After speaking with the Assignee for the Company, Katie Goodman of Asset Recovery Associates, she told me that stealth 4x4 had two vanloads of assets.  She promised to get me a list of those assets within the next week.  There is a manufacturer based out of Oregon (who has the capabilities needed by a UTV manufacturer) who has shown some interest in the assets pending what is on the list.

At Stealth  4x4 Northwest, they still have customers calling who want Stealth Manufacturing Equipment and who are very pleased with the design and quality of the Stealth Manufacturing Equipment that they have.  With regards to any future stealth electric motor needs, D&D Motor Systems will be servicing the market for the forseeable future. If a follow-on manufacturer did take over the line and start manufacturing again, it seems there is still a market for the equipment.

Once again for anyone needing any stealth 4x4 electric vehicle motors for the stealth nighthawk or stealth appache, just call D&D Motor Systems, Inc at 315-701-0635 or submit your request to them at: D&D Motors - Drive Quote

MSD (stealth 4x4, stealth electric, stealth electric 4x4)



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E-Force - Electric ATV Motors
  By: Eco Electric ATV
Filed Under: ATV | Utility Vehicle | Hunting Buggy -

E-Force - with Electric ATV Motors

Built in Ellicottville, NY the E-FORCE is the first all electric zero-emission, adult sized electric ATV motor driven with adult sized power and torque for extreme terrain. The E-FORCE ’s Torque on Demand electric ATV motor drive system has more than three times the torque of similar sized gas ATVs!      MSD

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Polaris Announces Donation to Support Arizona Trail Work
Filed Under: ATV | Utility Vehicle | Hunting Buggy -

MINNEAPOLIS, MN  Polaris Industries Inc. today announced it has donated a PolarisRANGER 800 EFI Mid-Size(using electric ATV motors) and $24,000 to the National Forest Foundation (NFF), a non-profit partner of the U.S. Forest Service. This contribution benefits the Kelly Motorized Trail Implementation initiative and will revitalize and maintain 13 miles of hunting buggy trails in the Coconino National Forest, just outside Flagstaff, Ariz. The donation will support trail construction, improvements and maintenance. Polaris customers and employees alike share a love of riding and respect for nature while using the electric ATV motor. That is why we continue to support projects that provide riders with sustainable, environmentally conscious trails by using the electric ATV motor, said Scott Wine, Polaris CEO. We are therefore proud to partner with the National Forest Foundation, as they consistently champion such efforts. We share their vision to create well-maintained public recreation areas that offer protected access to our public lands, not only so we can enjoy them today, but so future generations will have the same opportunity. By using the electric hunting buggy or electric ATV motor designs we can really help preserve our environment.

The NFF is working in the Coconino National Forest as part of its Treasured Landscapes, Unforgettable Experiences campaign, which aims to restore the habitat, recreation and ecological values of National Forests around the United States and strengthen the connection between Americans and these public lands. In many places, a variety of impacts have left popular trails in need of maintenance and improvement to help sustain the numbers of riding enthusiasts using those trails and visiting the forest throughout the year.

We are proud to work with Polaris on a project that uses electric ATV motors and that can benefit Arizonas forests and its outdoors and hunting buggy enthusiasts, said Jennifer Schoonen, NFF vice president for development. Partnerships like this one help us to ensure quality outdoor experiences as well as healthy public lands.

Work on the project will begin in summer 2013 with input from local trail rider & hunting buggy clubs, as well as assistance from youth conservation crews, who will gain job experience and outdoor skills in the process.         MSD

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Bibb County Unveils Electric Utility Vehicle Fleet
  By: Jasmine Williams - Going Green
Filed Under: ATV | Utility Vehicle | Hunting Buggy -

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Another eco-friendly fleet is hitting the streets in Bibb County, but these vehicles are a lot smaller and are like electric ATV motors.

The Bibb County Green Team and Bibb County Commission unveiled its eight new, electric utility vehicle motors. The Bad Boy electric utility vehicles are a newer, smaller addition to the county vehicles. Like this other fleet, this one is also 100% electric and can be charged at the Bibb County electric charging station. Several county departments will receive one including the recreation department and the property department. This platform is often seen used in a hunting buggy or electric ATV motor.

Macon-Bibb Parks and Recreation manager Ben Hamrick can't wait for his department to get the hunting buggy style new ride. In October, Hamrick was able to test drive one of the electric utility vehicles at the Luke Bryan concert in Macon. With an estimated 20,000 concert goers, Hamrick said the small size allowed officers to access places they wouldn't have been able to get to before.

And now since the Stealth 4x4 company has gone out of business and can no longer provide the Stealth Nighthawk and Stealth Apache, the Bad Boy Buggy is one of the last viable options standing. The other main option is the Hunt VE.