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Is your GEM vehicle used on road, in flat or rolling hill environment only?
Do you require NO controller programming technical assistance?
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11.0 HP Motor
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$ 769.00
Easy install with NO controller programming. (25 MPH)
Made in the U.S.A. with U.S. components.
Made with more steel & copper and thus provides better thermal capabilities.
Less current draw and thus longer vehicle range.
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1. How do I install the motor in a GEM car?
2. How do I remove the motor from a GEM car?
3. How can ONE motor be sold for the GEM Car to handle every customers GEM car setup, application and performance needs?
4. Why is a previous exclusive GEM car motor distributor stating that the Blue 7.5 HP motor is no longer sufficient after selling thousands to their customers over the last ten years?
1. How do I install the motor in a GEM car?
Installation Instructions - Car Motor Installation Instructions.pdf

Install New Motor
2. How do I remove the motor from a GEM car?
Remove Old Motor
3. How can ONE motor be sold for the GEM Car to handle every customers GEM car setup, application and performance needs?
As the actual electric motor manufacturer and NOT a middle man distributor, we can tell you that you absolutley CANNOT. Don't trust anyone who tells you otherwise. You will either buy a motor that is too small and will burn up or too large and overpay for something you do not need.
4. Why is a previous exclusive GEM car motor distributor stating that the Blue 7.5 HP motor is no longer sufficient after selling thousands to their customers over the last ten years?
We can only reiterate that "the proof is in the pudding". D&D Motor Systems has shipped over 2000 high performance GEM car motors into the aftermarket since 2001 with a less than 0.5% warranty rate. For over 90% of those warranties, the improper motor was recommended based on the GEM car setup, application and performance requirements. Always ask for the Blue Motor!! Proven Leader & U.S. Made (NOT China or Mexico like the Black or Grey motor).
NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) News
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GEM Electric Cars
  By: Terry Parkhurst
Filed Under: NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) -

Electric cars have been called “the next big thing” many times in the past, thanks to their quiet motors, clean (nonexistent) exhaust, and the ubiquity of electric power in every other part of our lives. 

Remember how executives at General Motors, back in 1980, were predicting that by 1990, fully 10% of that company’s product line would be powered solely by electric power? A decade later, GM built a state-of-the-art electric car, the EV-1, to meet the mandates of CARB (California Air Resources Board). Later, they literally destroyed the EV-1, allowing a few to survive in places such as the Peterson Museum in Los Angeles.

Chrysler Corporation, for its part, built a rather cleverly engineered electric minivan starting in 1993; most were sold to utilities and other fleets, but some were also sold to individuals. Many people managed to buy a Chrysler electric minivan (“TEVan”) second-hand, at auction, and rolled around in quiet style for years afterwards, because the NiCad batteries in early models could be replaced with new units (an automatic watering system kept the batteries alive for around 100,000 miles, after which they could be recycled). A later version, called EPIC, was sold starting in 1997; it had double the voltage of the first one, extending the range past 50 miles, and switched to an advanced lead-acid battery pack. Chrysler had also worked on electric cars back in the 1970s, producing (in cooperation with Jet) a four-passenger electric city car, which were purchased by some organizations but apparently never officially sold. Likewise, the Neon was originally to be sold in diesel and electric versions.

TEVan electric minivan

Even more prescient, or at least more determined, was the Tag 2 group in Livonia, Michigan, a group of engineers that produced their first electric vehicle in 1992. Mike Hofer, a North Dakota businessman, recognized the potential of the little car, and assembled a group of investors. He then purchased the company and moved the entire operation to Fargo in December of 1997. The result was GEM, or Global Electric Motorcar, which is still being built in Fargo, North Dakota, as what is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chrysler LLC.

The Fargo factory manufactured its first vehicle in April 1998. The 48-volt GEM could accommodate two passengers and had a top speed of just 20 miles per hour; however, less than two months later, a breakthrough in market conditions occurred when NHTSA (National Traffic Safety Administration) designated a new class of motor vehicles: the low speed vehicle called the neighborhood electric vehicle.

While a neighborhood electric vehicle didn’t have to go faster than 35 mph, the NHSTA did require some things: a safety glass windshield, turn signals, mirrors, windshield wipers, headlights, taillights, and seat belts. The idea behind the neighborhood vehicle was to address both air pollution and urban sprawl; the latter was based on the theory that if you increased density in the city, there’d be less of the population going outside of the city to live. Those living in the denser environs of the city would probably want transportation other than the bus sometimes. That’s where neighborhood electric vehicles would come into play.

GEM Peapod

In November of 1998, the first utility version of the GEM was produced. These became part of the fleet of utility vehicles at Luke Air Force based, the largest fighter pilot training facility in the world, near Phoenix, Arizona; as of 2001, there were 100 GEM vehicles in service at Luke, out of a fleet of 831 vehicles.

By the end of 1999, total production reached 1,826 vehicles; and by the end of June 2000, the monthly output had surpassed 500 vehicles. By the end of December 2000, total production had hit 5,000 vehicles.

At that time, a past Chrysler executive joined up with a competing electric-car company. Some claim it was out of spite that DaimlerChrysler quickly acquired GEM; others claim that it was, as DaimlerChrysler said, a matter of building zero-emission vehicles to supplement the slow, expensive research into hydrogen power. By then, no less than 37 states had accepted NHTSA’s ruling on low speed vehicles as legal of city streets.

GEM electric carsBy 2001, the GEM line of vehicles included both two and four passenger electric vehicles, as well as two utility vehicles with short and long boxes. The curb weight of the two passenger machine was just 1,100 pounds, including batteries; while the curb weight of the long box utility vehicle was just 140 pounds more. 

Power was the same for the GEM fleet: a 72 volt shunt General Electric motor and six, industrial 12-volt batteries. But the major selling point was the proprietary 72-volt DC on-board charger, which employed the standard 110-volt AC house current. 

GEM Motorcars LLC held an Environmental Solutions Summit in Anaheim, California in 2001. Larry Oswald, who was then CEO of GEM as well as a PhD in aerospace engineering, said that he saw his company’s vehicles as “the early stages of a long range view towards a fuel cell future.”

At that time, we drove the GEM cars at a ride-and-drive event. They had plenty of torque, a hallmark of electric vehicles, and good handling, partly because of the independent front suspension and rear trailing-arm suspension. Rack and pinion steering gave a precise feel; having the batteries close to the ground probably helped the stable feel. The width of just 55 inches was akin to – well, a golf cart. The range of these vehicles was about 30 to 35 miles, dependent upon ambient temperature and terrain, enough for local grocery shopping or even typical commuting; when stopped, the GEMs consume barely any power, so stop and go traffic is not a problem.

The rise of the price of oil has only helped GEM. As of July of this year, shipments have jumped 30% from last year's second quarter, with some of its 150 dealerships around the country tripling their sales, according to the Wall Street Journal.

While the vehicles still look essentially the same, there have been some major improvements since Larry Oswald’s presentation. Oswald himself has retired, and Bruce Coventry is now the chief operating officer of GEM Motorcars LLC. Rick Kasper has since replaced Ken Montler, GEM’s President; he holds a degree in electronic engineering technology from the University of Washington.

The battery pack in the current GEM vehicles is the gelatin type, with low maintenance. The steering geometry has been reworked to allow even more precise steering; and the responsive of the electric motor is better. There are even performance upgrades for GEM cars and utility vehicles. The 7 horsepower performance package – yes, “performance” package – includes scoops, a heat sink, and chrome emblems.

Pricing now ranges from $6,795 for a basic two seater to a high of $17,995 for a six passenger vehicle with a truck that looks akin to something such as the add-ons you might see on a vintage motorcar of the 1920s or 1930s.

Mike Nickoloff, commercial fleet and GEM sales manager for Star Chrysler Jeep & GEM in Glendale, CA said, “The demand has generally been more steady, with no big spike. But this summer, we saw a 50% increase. Orange County and San Francisco, places that are friendlier to electric cars, have done even better. There’s a 12 month unlimited warranty; and an additional service contract buys a person another 36 months of (warranty) service. The nice thing is you can call the manufacturer up in Fargo. It’s a lot easier than trying to connect with a zone service rep for Chrysler.

“I sell maybe three or four GEM cars a month; and I usually ship them on a flatbed to my clients. In fact, I’m taking one over to San Marino, the high rent district, tomorrow.”

If you’re wondering what the next step is for urban transportation, this may be it. But that’s not to say there aren’t hurdles to overcome.

“We need infrastructure, “ admitted Joan Michelson, spokesperson for GEM, in a recent phone interview. While there is still a proprietary on-board charger for GEM cars, they do, after all, have to plug into something. “We need charging stations as ubiquitous as gas stations.”

Utilities appear happy with cars like the GEM, since they even out their demand (indeed, the Edison companies were proponents of electric cars in the early 1900s). Normally, utilities see peak demand during the day, and they need to have extra powerplants to fill that demand; but those plants often sit idle at night, an apparently needless expense. The ideal would be to either have less demand during the day (prime air conditioning, industrial use, and computer use times), or more at night. Overnight GEM recharging would provide additional utility revenue without additional capital expense.

GEM peapod electric cars

The newest GEM line is the Peapod, designed to have an iPod appearance along with integrated iPod and iPhone controls; this model was introduced in 2008 and is a substantial upgrade to the past line.

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Bigger, better, faster!
  By: GEM Car Owners Group
Filed Under: NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) -

BIGGER D&D Motor Systems electric motor- Some "must know" information. 


So you want to change out the original 5 hp electric motor and up it to the 7.5 hp D&D Motor Systems electric motor option? Chances are you want to boost up the top speed, and avoid having those lines of traffic build up behind you in the 35 mph zones! 




STEP 1- D&D Motor Systems electric motor selection.

Although there are several sources online that have D&D Motor Systems electric motors available, I would strongly recommend that you purchase the D&D Motor Systems electric motor from a supplier with a strong history and a verifiable reputation. Through suggestions and research, one company I would strongly recommend would be Ensure you do not procure and non-Blue colored motor which illsutrates that its the true US made D&D Motor Systems electric motor. You will understand why as we go. When selecting a supplier, verify "new or rebuilt", the manufacturer, (ie: General Electric), and warrantee /return policy. Also, check on the shipping rates. Some parts suppliers have hidden "processing and handling fees" for certain parts that can be extremely expensive. Also, check on rebates for returning the core. If there is not, you may consider selling the original GE electric motor on line to help offset the cost of a new D&D Motor Systems electric motor, typically around $800-. When you get the new D&D Motor Systems electric motor, please review the instructions included with the D&D Motor Systems electric motor, and inspect it for damage from shipping. Keep the D&D Motor Systems electric motor in the box, to prevent any damage from falling, until physically installing the D&D Motor Systems electric motor.


STEP 2- Removal of the old GE electric motor.

It is extremely important that all due caution be used when servicing your GEM. First and foremost, turn the main power control switch to "off" and use wheel chocks on the rear tires. Use the manufacturer recommended jacking points to lift the front right of the vehicle until the tire is just off the ground. Place a proper jack stand under the frame in the jacking point nearest the front right tire without blocking the end of the electric motor. Remove the tire, and set it aside.


First, note the polarity and position of the power cables as they relate to the D&D Motor Systems electric motor, then remove the cables from the D&D Motor Systems electric motor. Make sure to protect the cable ends! Next you will need to identify and then remove the mount bolts. (D&D Motor Systems has a great video on this process.) When you are pulling the D&D Motor Systems electric motor out of the trans-axle, note the general position of the landmarks on the old D&D Motor Systems electric motor, as the new D&D Motor Systems electric motor will need to go back into the trans-axle in relatively the same position. This is very important, to prevent possible damage to your new D&D Motor Systems electric motor.


Inspect the GE electric motor end for excessive wear, chips or metal shavings, which could indicate that your trans-axle may need service BEFORE installing the new D&D Motor Systems electric motor. If there is no sign of damage, proceed with the next step.


Clean both the bolts and sockets for the D&D Motor Systems electric motor mounting. You will use "Lok-tite" or a similar product when installing the new D&D Motor Systems electric motor...always...


STEP 3- Installation of the new D&D Motor Systems electric motor.

Remember to orient the new D&D Motor Systems electric motor landmarks to relatively the same position as the old GE electric motor came out. The D&D Motor Systems electric motor should slide back in with ease. If there is resistance, DON'T FORCE IT! Re-adjust the D&D Motor Systems electric motor by gently turning the body back and forth, with GENTLE pressure until the D&D Motor Systems electric motor slides in easily. Support the D&D Motor Systems electric motor until you have the D&D Motor Systems electric motor mounting bolts back in place. Be sure to not over tighten the bolts. Keep the bolts evenly torqued, and visually inspect the D&D Motor Systems electric motor position before connecting the power cables. Once you have re-connected the power cables, double-check your work before remounting the tire and lowering the vehicle to the ground.


STEP 4- Test the D&D Motor Systems electric motor.

Turn the main power switch back "on". Operate your vehicle for a few minutes to ensure that the D&D Motor Systems electric motor engages, no unusual noises are heard, and the D&D Motor Systems electric motor operates smoothly. Now, PARK IT! You aren't quite done!


STEP 5- Remove the control unit.

Your control unit is programmed to handle the 5hp D&D Motor Systems electric motor, and although your vehicle will run with the old programming, it is not running as it needs to. DO NOT attempt to continuously operate your vehicle without reprogramming this unit. (D&D Motor Systems includes reprogramming with the cost of the D&D Motor Systems electric motor!)


If you purchased your D&D Motor Systems electric motor from D&D Motor Systems, there is an information sheet you must fill out and include with your control unit when you ship it to them at the address provided on the form.


Remember to follow the instructions on the video on their website. Always turn the main power "off" before performing any service on your vehicle.


Once you receive the re-programmed control unit, install it in the same position, and complete all steps before turning the main power switch back "on".



Your stock 5hp GE electric motor is designed and programmed to perform at 5hp peak power for approximately 30 minutes. The D&D Motor Systems electric motor with reprogrammed control unit is configured to operate at 7.5 hp for 30 minutes. The increase torque to the wheels provides more efficient operation, added to the 14" tires, you can expect as much as 35 mph, and better handling.

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A Holy Roller
  By: Jura Koncius
Filed Under: NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) -

The pope who wears Prada has a new set of chic custom wheels.

Pope Benedict XVI, who has made headlines with his high-style red designer loafers and his Gucci shades, is tooling around the grounds of Vatican City in an electric car outfitted in luxurious Natuzzi Italian white leather. His latest fashion statement was donated to the pontiff by Global Electric Motorcars (GEM), a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler, and Natuzzi.

"It was a very special project and an honor to be involved in it," said Daniel Tranchini, chief global sales and marketing officer for Natuzzi, the world's largest manufacturer of leather upholstery, calling us from the International Furniture Fair in Cologne, Germany.

The car, which bears a vague resemblance to a golf cart, has the papal seal on the front and back and was made for short hops behind the walls of Vatican City. No word on whether there is a papal putting green out there.

NEV motors | GEM motor | GEM motors

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Buchanan calls for bipartisan effort to convert nation to "green" energy
  By: Domenick Yoney
Filed Under: NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) -

Vern Buchanan (R), the Congressman representing the Sarasota, FL area, is one politician who sees the "green" light. While visiting with solar and electric car maker, Cruise Car Inc, whose manufacturing and sales operation is in his district, the lawmaker made a plea for a national bipartisan effort to make the switch from fossil fuels to more environmentally-friendly energy sources. Speaking to the company's employees and assembled media, Buchanan said, "My sense is we've been misled as Americans in many ways for the last 25 years in terms of our energy and where we're going to get it. Solar, alternate energy, all that stuff is possible; it'll create jobs, it'll make a difference."

Proof of that difference was all around him. While obviously not the transportation solution for everybody, Cruise Car is doing a booming business. There's a 60 to 90 day waiting list for some of their vehicles, which can go up to 62 miles on a charge and are powered by the sun, though they can be plugged in for extra charging if necessary. The company is doubling its 10 employees this year and will be moving to a new facility (and doing more hiring) to keep up with an exponential increase in demand. Hopefully, more of our representatives will open their eyes to the many benefits of a greener economy and make the changes needed to speed things along.

[Source: Bradenton Herald]

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Phillipine police roll on patrol in a NEV
  By: Domenick Yoney
Filed Under: NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) -

The price of gas is getting out of hand everywhere. Ok, maybe not Venezuela, where its cheaper than our bottled water at ¢15 a gallon, but almost everywhere else, it's expensive. In the Philippines its so costly ($4.50 gallon in a country where, according to the Philippine National Statistics Office, the average household income is about $4,000 USD a year) that the Philippine National Police (PNP) has started testing neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV) with the goal of putting them into regular action.

The customized vehicle can accommodate 4 adults and comes with a police light bar and "Polis" markings. There are no gears to shift, so operation is simple. With a top speed of 30 km/h (slow) they won't be involved in any high-speed chases but they're still adequate for routine patrols and providing police visibility. The force is also considering implementing bicycles.