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Photo Specifications
File Types Accepted: .jpg or .gif
Maximum File size: 2.0 Mb (or 2,000Kb)
Image Size(aspect ratio): 1.33 : 1.0 (W x H); ex. 700px X 525px
Content Policy:
  • Photo must NOT be copyright protected.
  • Must NOT include explicit subject matter
  • Must relate to D&D Motor Systems business.
    (Electic motors, controllers and electric vehicles)
  • Photos should include some sort of promotional content.
    ie. A view of the vehicle that shows the motor and/or controller in the picture. An example of the vehicle in a high performance application such as hill climbing or mud bogging. Photos that display a positive promotion of D&D Motor Systems products and/or services.
  • Photos of "One-of-a-Kind" electric vehicles are also welcomed.

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